Top Mobile Ad Networks 2017

Mobile advertising has evolved to a great extent since its inception. Mobile ads have now become much more than pictures and text and have become more engaging and gratifying to the consumers. Besides methods to advertise, several optimization, tracking and reporting tools are available with mobile ads. With so many alternatives to choose from, it can be hard to select which mobile ad network to go for. In this article, we will describe some of the most effective mobile ad networks.


Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Cocos

Campaign types: CPM, CPC, CPI

Ad formats supported: Native, Video, Interstitial

Targeting: country, region, carrier, connection type, mobile platform, OS version, device, audience (user profile data)

Key markets: Global

AdMob emerged on the mobile advertising stage in 2006, soon to be attained by Google in 2009. The network gives two choices to its advertisers. The express route executes native ads via an intuitive interface, letting an ad be made in a matter of minutes. Conversely, using the advanced method, developers can, as an alternative, produce highly customized advertisements.

A comprehensive choice of formats are accessible across several platforms, comprising banner ads, interstitial ads, and custom search ads.

Ad Colony

Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web

Campaign types: CPA, CPC, CPM

Ad formats supported: Banners, Rich Media, Text Ads, Video

Targeting: Carrier, Demographic, Device, OS

Key markets: Global, Nordic, United States

AdColony is a top video advertising network, which delivers advertisers and brands with an involved and receptive audience and provides monetization keys to publishers and developers. The company integrates innovative technology into its solutions, specially the proprietary-based Instant-Play™ HD video ad technology (served internationally throughout common mobile inventory). The first to provide such solutions in the mobile promotion market, AdColony supplies HD instantaneous mobile pre-roll video ads regardless of signal power or gadget type.


Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Campaign types: CPC, CPI

Ad formats supported: Content Lock, Interstitial, OfferWall, Video

Targeting: Custom

Key Markets: global, United States

Chartboost calls itself “marketplace built by developers for developers”. It is the biggest network dedicated to promoting games. Employing cross-promotion, Chartboost offers a Mobile Game-Ad Network, with the addition of a virtual place for developers to trade inventory without any in-betweens to other developers.

Personal reports display developers have attained a greater return on their Chartboost interstitial and video ads in contrast to typical network ads.


Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web

Campaign types: CPC, CPI

Ad formats supported: Banner, Native, Video, Interstitial, Rich Media

Targeting: carrier, channel, country, device, operator, os, time

Key Markets: Europe, India, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, UK, United States

Inmobi was acknowledged as one of the most state-of-the-art companies in 2016  and has reached 1.5 billion devices in more than 165 countries. Developers can extend their install base by means of the volumes of large traffic publishers have to give. Nevertheless, to achieve a great return from its extraordinary range, you’ll probably have to use more than one mobile advertising networks.

The platform is convenient to utilize, offering 4 types of ad formats; interstitial, rewarded video, native content, and banner. The outcomes may be expensive but if large traffic is your aim, Inmobi is your network.


Mobile platforms: Android, Corona, IOS, Unity

Campaign types: CPC, CPI

Ad formats supported: Interstitial, Video, Pop-up, Rich Media

Targeting: geo, device, carrier, connection speed, genre

Key Markets: Global

Formerly seen as the “holy grail of mobile networks,” RevMob offers actual outcomes for game publishers. RevMob guarantees a standard network, connecting to potential customers through device, carrier, connection, interests, or position.

RevMob furthermore offers a range of ad formats, such as native, banner, interstitial, video, and rewarded video ads. This is your network if your objective is dependable installs and a great eCPM.


Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web

Campaign types: CPC, CPD, CPI, CPM

Ad formats supported: Content Lock, Interstitial, Offerwall, Rewards

Targeting: custom

Key Markets: Europe, India, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, UK, United States

Different from its competitors, Tapjoy’s CPI mainly utilizes incent traffic to operate its network. This strategy permits developers to attain app growth in a swift manner. However, incentivized downloads do not necessarily result in quality installs. Tapjoy compensates developers with greater quantities by offering users the option of incentivized downloads over in-app purchases.

Swift growth is the advantage of using Tapjoy network.

Unity Ads

Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Campaign types: CPM, CPI

Ad formats supported: Banner, Video, Interstitial

Targeting: device, connection, operating system, country

Key Markets: global, United States

Aimed for mobile games, Unity Ads emphasizes on video ads that assimilate impeccably with the gamer’s experience. The network offers easy assimilation for games constructed with the Unity engine, however is also accessible for games developed somewhere else. The video interstitials can be rewarded, often with in-game currency, resulting in a higher return for many developers.

Known for its performance optimization and targeting, Unity Ads should be chosen by developers in a particular gaming category.


Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Mobile Web

Campaign types: CPI

Ad formats supported: Interstitial, Notification

Targeting: Country, Device, Channel

Key Markets: Global

Appnext is a mobile and in-app advertising platform which assists OEMs, top apps, mobile web publishers develop their mobile commerce by marketing apps. Mobile app and game publishers often prefer Appnext for extending their mobile businesses.

Appnext encompasses all key mobile discovery designs, including Interstitials, Native ads, Full Screen and Rewarded Video formats.

Taking advantage of the correct mobile advertising facility can create an enormous impression for your complete marketing strategy. Permitting you to develop your customer base by aiming at the correct audiences, the companies stated here can certainly progress your business outcome. Mobile apps or game brands these days have seen the efficiency of mobile publicity – from the wide-ranging range of ad formats to precisely-pointed targeting alternatives.

Remember to share your involvement with these platforms and additionally tell us new top platform/s you have utilized.