Top App Marketing Strategies

Due to the constant appearance of Apps in online App stores daily, App developers can’t just build an App and leave the promotion to luck. That kind of luck doesn’t happen these days since there are many awesome Apps who are constantly attempting to capture user attention while the user is constantly downloading and often deleting uninteresting Apps as well. Innovation in design and functionality isn’t enough to get users to notice and download your App. That’s why you need some amazing App marketing strategies to capture user attention which we are describing below.

Name and Description in App Stores

You have to choose the best and distinctive name for your app which would be enhanced if it indicates the aim of the app. Your app should be noticeable and simply discoverable. It would be great if the App name is easily recallable. It is important to include all the words in the name in the description details. Additionally, the purpose of the App has to be described clearly. The description must not be excessively detailed, and nonetheless ought to be reasonably thorough and understandable.

Press Release

A press release is a necessary part of App launch process. It would be read by many so a lot of thought should go behind preparing it. Similar to the app description, the press release should have a good format and explanation of the App. Details should be given but not as much as in the description. It must be remembered that the press release should be interesting to read. Some PR sites are present on the net from where press release can be written.

Commenting On Articles / Forums

This one is pretty simple, your App is launched and in stores, users are downloading, using and commenting on it. So what do you do next? You should dedicate some time to interacting you’re your App users on social media. It is also imperative to track posts and comments about your App. It may be hard to take out time to do this but consider it as an investment in your App and its popularity.

App Reviews

Getting reviews written for you App are a great way of promoting it. Many technology websites are present these days who can review and thus provide visibility to your App. This is a vital part of your App marketing and can drive a large amount of traffic to your App. Sometimes, tech sites give deals and promos to their readers. So keep in mind App reviews when you’re planning your App promotion.

E-Mail Campaigns

Emailing can also play an important role in marketing your App. Creating an email list is also crucial. To start with, you can add your colleagues, friends and family and then branch out from there. Moving forward, you can meet and add people who belong to the industry that will assist in the promotion of the App. A large amount of data can be shared in this manner but one should refrain from spamming people’s inboxes. Press releases and other announcements about the App can also be shared via email.

Google Alerts

Google alerts is also a must in today’s App marketing methods. Simply visit, set up a Google alert for your website’s keywords and instantaneously join in on conversations similar to your domain. Google alerts can also be created for your App and your website, for instance. This will enable you to track who is talking about your App and website and simplify your online search for your App mentions and its marketing as well. You can track comments, blogs, reviews and articles, etc using Google Alerts.

Connect To News Sites

This is similar to press releases and app reviews in a way. It is necessary to get to know people on news sites especially those who are discussing industries similar to yours. Such contacts can assist in giving both space and audience to your App, through articles or reviews and can go a long way in establishing your App amongst the target audience.

In-App Ads

Proper testing of the App can be done prior to its launch with the assistance of mobile ad services. You can test several variants of the App’s name and descriptions which can provide you an advantage over your rivals so correct selection of the information to share is also crucial prior to App launch.

Testing of your App name and description can be expedited by the use of in-App ads. In-App ads can also be used after the launch of an app in already popular apps.

Send News Tips To News Sites And Blogs

Establishing contacts is a prerequisite to this step. You should keep an eye on blogs and news websites about the latest happenings, give them bits of information and see if they can transform it into something useful for you. Prior to launch or update, it would be amazing if you can get news sites and blogs to make a trailer for your App. This shouldn’t be overdone however, as it would annoy the visitors of the blog or news site.

Social Media

Social media has been mentioned a few times in this article already which indicates the importance of this phenomenon. The significance of social media is proved by the fact that a majority of people nowadays visit their social media accounts more than once daily. You could meet people on social media who are useful for your App promotion. Many social media networks are present nowadays including Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Besides Facebook and GooglePlus, Twitter can prove to be useful for your business since it is one of the most famous social media networks globally. Only account creation and set up is needed. All kinds of information about your App and its updates can be shared on Twitter and since it is a fast-moving site, the risk of spamming is minimal. In fact the reason behind some people’s following certain Twitter accounts is getting information about certain technologies or brands.

Facebook is the global giant of the social media world. It is crucial to make your Facebook page and drive potential customers towards it. A good Facebook page with the necessary updates and information is imperative to promoting your App nowadays. Facebook and Twitter share some similarities and dissimilarities. You should interact with people interested in your posts and also should maintain an active presence on social media.

With the rapid rise in the number of Apps entering and new and creative ways of marketing them, we can’t say that what we wrote above contains everything you need to know about App marketing. The field is expanding daily with innovative ways and means of promoting Apps and we will keep adding new techniques on our website from time to time.